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December 18, 2018
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AGM 2017

Walking Club of Bermuda
President’s Report for AGM on 12th December 2017
Lovette Tannock, President
10th December 2017

Dear Walkers and Friends,

This is the end of my second year of being your President, and it has been another year of growth and change for the club. Whenever I start to think that there is nowhere further we can grow, we start an Instagram page, decide to print a calendar or find a new route. However, this growth does not happen without the assistance of the club members. Thank you to those who continue to help out week in and week out - taking on juice duty for an extra month, leading our group circle before we start when I’m not here, those who wait on/pick up/drop home visitors to the group, those who take photos and post them to the Facebook page. This club will not work without those small additions, so thank you members for what you do to keep the club buoyant and in making the club what it is today.

Members from Ultimate Treasures Mas joined us to up their fitness before our June carnival. We hope to partner with them and other local organizations in the upcoming year to provide an opportunity to increase general fitness.

We continue to communicate the Walking Club activities through Facebook, email and the mapping program, Facebook continues to dominate as our main avenue of communication, but it is important to keep an email list for organizing events amongst Club members. We have also started an Instagram page and I hope to develop its usage further in the upcoming year.

February: Visitor Bette from Ontario joined us at Heron Bay with knitted wristlets
March: The coldest walk for a few years from Fort Scaur.
April: This was a month of fantastic guided tours: we had a tour of Southlands and also Abbot’s Cliff.
May: Ultimate Treasures Mas joined us for some of our walks this month. We also had a guided tour through Casemates Prison Barracks & Museum. Our Instagram page went live: @walkingclubofbermuda.
July: Cup Match colors were worn for our walks from Somerset Marketplace and Mullet Bay playground. We won’t talk about the game though…
August: Summer party at the home of Malcolm and Debbie Butterfield. We had a fantastic evening of food, chatter and general socializing.
Also in August: we said goodbye to Jane Charlton, who returned to Wisconsin.
November: Our Shelly bay to St. George’s walk with a breakfast pitstop at Sweet Saak Bakery.

Thank yous:
• A special thank you to our new venue hosts: to host Maria for the Christmas party and the Butterfields for the summer party.
• Breakfast hosts: Brenda Lister, Maria, Valarie Bassett and the Tannock family.
• Maria Nelson: to my indomitable VP – who helps me whenever needed
• Sherrilyn Johnson: to our photographer- guaranteed to catch us laughing or sweaty
• Brenda Lister: ever a sounding board (and provider of a surprise birthday cake)
• Valarie Bassett: the Member-at-Large; my other sounding board
• Marilyn Raynor: to my Treasurer – who is patient with my hatred of online banking with BNTB…
• Tiffany Austin: our social media guru who is putting the Walking Club profile out there for the world wide web users to see
• Members of the juice roster

In remembrance
However, the Walking club did lose 2 members this year: Ed Forbes in July and Ouida Bean in August. They will be sadly missed and I would like to have a moment of silence for them.

So, once again, thank you everyone for your contributions. As we remember those that have passed on, we also look to the new upcoming year. May we continue to “walk to eat” for 2018.

Kind regards,

Lovette Tannock,
Walking Club of Bermuda